Finishing My Self Portrait

Stage 3

Now I am beginning to get serious about this painting. Still using acrylics and adding flowers around the face. An important part of this painting is getting the different colors established on the face. I pay close attention to the light, medium and darker shadows on the face in the photo with several colors. The face will have darks around it to make the shape of the face stand out.

One can see the use of the coarse texture gel used to in the background in the top photo. Additional paint on the background makes the colors more brilliant. And I have to be sure the 1.5 in sides of this gallery wrapped canvas are painted with several coats as an extension of the painting.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is when I switched to oil paint to complete the painting. Oil paint adheres well to the acrylic and brings more brilliant colors in my opinion. It also helps in developing the face as it blends well. My daughter tells me that she thinks the arm in the painting is too large, and she is right! So I add more hair above the top of the arm and make the arm much smaller. More hair is also added above the back.

Finished Portrait

This is the finished painting of my portrait. You can see the face is lighter, and a lot of work was done on the eyes. The white small daisy on the top of the head was changed to a red/pink flower like the color of the large flower beside it. I did not like the white daisy as it looked out of place. The vines and flowers at the right were intensified in color and all four corners of the painting were darkened to keep the viewer’s eyes tuned into the face and hair.