Painting In Layers – Part Two


Apr 08 2020

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Well, I am back. I continued to work on my painting of coconuts in a palm tree over the last four days, and today, I finished it!!

Here is the painting with most of the leaves and pods added since my last blog. I am adding the palm leaves on the side and the bottom of the painting. This painting has several layers of palm leaves with those in the back being darker. There are many colors I am working with to bring the palm leaves to the front. It will also need more layers of paint to make those leaves more vivid.

I thought that I was finished two days ago, but when I photographed the painting, I could see that the darks in the background were not balanced. The painting had more darks on the left side than on the right side of the painting, so I worked on fixing that problem for a few more days. I have found that I can notice problems with a painting much easier from a photograph than just looking at the painting.

Painting needs darks balanced.

So I began changing some of the pods on the right using darker colors similar to those on the left side of the painting, including purple and blues. That helped make the leaves in front show up better and gave more depth to the right side. I also added lighter colors to the dark pods on the left so that they were not as dark and more interesting.

Then I began working on the coconuts again. I found a small angled brush that enabled me to more easily blend colors on the coconuts and also firm up their edges. Suddenly I realized that this was really giving the coconuts a special brilliance that they were missing before.

The finished painting!!

So there you have it! A painting with several layers that needed a lot of darks and lights to give it the depth it needed. It required a lot of hours to create the layers and to change the colors so that it had the depth needed. It also needed a lot of layers of paint to achieve a kind of glow to the painting, especially the coconuts in the middle of the painting.

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Happy painting!!