My Recent Art at Home Exhibit & Sale

Exhibiting Artists
during my recent Art at Home Show

Last Sunday I was one of four artists hosting an art show in my home on Marco Island, FL. Each home owner invites three other artists with a different type of art to exhibit their work during the show. I invited a potter, a photographer and a fiber artist to come and participate. I am a painter.

We hold the event on a Sunday in November each year, and each artist invites their friends and acquaintances to come, using a postcard that advertises the event and includes the addresses of the four homes they can visit. This event is not open to the public as we feel it is safer to invite people we know and their friends. We also try to invite those who love the arts.

We spend the day before the event placing the art all over the home, that is, in every room of the house. We removed chairs and decorations that were not a part of the show, and stored them in the garage. We used the tables, walls to display the artwork, and also brought in easels. Below are some photos of a few of the rooms, including the lanai by the outdoor pool.

This is always a fun event. People like viewing the art in a home setting, and enjoy visiting the four homes between 11:00 – 4:00 on a Sunday. We had about 125 or more visitors to my home this year and each artist had several of their pieces sell. Visitors occasionally request a commission. Our visitors tell us how they love this unique home show and look forward to it each year.